The best Saffron – Persian Saffron

The best Saffron - Persian Saffron


Weight: 100 Gr Quality:  A+++ Grade Species: Super Negin

Persian saffron for sale

Persian saffron for sale . Before we get into the sales issue, I have to tell you that saffron is one of the best food additives. Both in terms of flavoring foods and the countless properties that saffron has. There are different types of Persian saffron on the market that are sold, which we will examine together. The first type of saffron we want to talk about is Sargol saffron. Sargol saffron, as its name suggests, is the red part of saffron. The parts of the saffron string that grow from saffron flowers grow about five centimeters and have two parts, white and red. When the white or cream part is separated, Sargol saffron is obtained.

 This is the best type of Persian saffron for sale, which is also called premium saffron. The next type of Persian saffron for sale is whole-grain saffron, which is packaged and sold without separating the white or creamy part of the saffron. All saffron can be put together and dried. The third type of Persian saffron for sale is straw saffron, in which the red stigma part of the saffron string is one or three centimeters from the cream or white part of the saffron. Due to the connection of the stigma to the cream and reducing the possibility of being counterfeit, this type of saffron is highly trusted.

we want to tell you about Persian saffron bulbs

Persian saffron bulbs , Saffron bulbs are the first step for planting and farming saffron because it is not possible to grow saffron without it. Saffron bulb has two types of male and female. Male bulb are small bulbs that do not flower. Female bulb is the bulb from which saffron flowers grow. One of the most important features of saffron bulbs for planting is the size of saffron bulbs, which is larger the better, but should not be larger than a certain size. bulbs that are two to three years old and weigh more than five grams are suitable for planting.

Saffron bulbs planting time depends on the cultivation area. Planting saffron bulbs is done from mid-May to late October. Persian saffron bulbs have very good quality and health due to the special climate of the areas where saffron is grown. Because in order for a saffron product to be good and of high quality, it is necessary to plant healthy bulbs without pests and diseases, which Persian saffron bulbs have these characteristics. This makes Persian saffron for sale a very high quality saffron.


Persian saffron quality

In order to talk about the Persian saffron quality, we must first say that Persian saffron has a much higher quality than saffron from other countries. There are factors that affect the quality of saffron produced, without which saffron will not be of good quality. The land selected for saffron cultivation affects the quality of saffron so that the land selected must be fertile and has not been planted with saffron for ten years. The second point is the type of saffron bulbs that are selected for planting. bulbs should be free of any disease and contamination. Irrigation of saffron plant also affects the quality of saffron. Irrigation of the saffron plant should be avoided during summer rest, because irrigation in the hot season causes the spread of fungal diseases in the plant and reduces the yield and quality of saffron. Depth of saffron bulb planting also affects the quality of saffron. These are just a few examples of the factors affecting the quality of saffron that saffron farmers follow their Persian work well due to years of experience in planting saffron, which has increased Persian saffron quality. Also, Persian saffron quality has made Persian saffron superior for sale among countries.


Best quality Persian saffron

In order to be able to choose the best quality Persian saffron, we must pay attention to various factors. Whether the factors that affect the quality of saffron are well observed or not. The history of saffron cultivation in Persia dates back to ancient times, so that some areas of Persia have global authorities in the field of saffron production and produce the best and highest quality saffron in the world.  Ghaenat is one of the areas that has been registered in the FAO due to organic and rain fed cultivation of saffron Which produces the best quality Persian saffron.

 Saffron that is produced in the land of Persia, especially in the Ghaenat region, is famous for its unique aroma as well as its special taste and color. In the production of quality saffron, various factors are influential, which we mentioned earlier. This shows that in order for a quality product to be marketed, from agricultural land to bulbs and irrigation, and in a timely manner, weed control and many other factors are effective. Regardless of any of them, saffron produced will not have the quality it should have, which requires attention and accuracy in all stages of planting to harvest.


Persian saffron spice

Saffron is a precious spice that the people of Persia have used as a seasoning and flavoring over the years. Persian saffron spice is popular and used in lands and people of different countries due to its special taste, color, smell and taste. Spices have been used in the past along with food to give flavor to human food, but the use of saffron as a spice and seasoning in addition to the special taste and color that it gives to food due to use It can also be one of the unique properties of this material. Since Persian saffron is the best type of saffron in the world, Persian saffron spice is also the best type of spice and condiment for food, so that in the country of Pars, the use of saffron has a special place and people use it as a condiment in various foods. Due to the numerous uses of Persian saffron spice as a spice or as a supplement and seasoning, it has different uses, brewing as a drink or using in a variety of seafood, non-seafood or plant foods.


Persian saffron used

Persian saffron is used for various purposes. Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world with countless properties. Saffron is a spice and medicinal plant. Saffron is called red gold because of its great value. Among the cases of using saffron as ash and spices in cooking a variety of foods. Persian saffron used in the cosmetics and soaps industry.  Another use of saffron is its use as medicine. Saffron has numerous properties that are used in traditional fever, which is used as an antidepressant, anti-asthma, adaptogen, pain reliever, immune system booster, etc. Today, saffron is also used to treat skin problems and it is used to prepare various masks. Saffron is even used in textiles and for dyeing silk fabrics, all of which indicate the widespread Persian saffron used.  

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