Super high quality Saffron – Afghan Saffron

Super high quality Saffron - Afghan Saffron


Name: Super high quality Afghani saffron

Weight: 100 Gr

Quality:  A+++ Grade
Species: Super Negin


Super high quality Afghani saffron is one of the types of saffron in the world that is cultivated and produced. The World Institute of Food Taste and Quality Calls Afghani saffron one of the best types of saffron. So that Afghani saffron has been able to obtain the first rank among the samples of saffron that are sent to this organization for measurement and quality measurement for two consecutive years, this indicates the desirable and high quality of Afghani saffron.

Super high quality Afghani saffron

Saffron production requires special conditions and facilities. For example, planting this plant should be done in certain months of the year and also this plant is a tropical plant and it needs hot and dry summers and autumn and relatively mild winters for the plant to grow well and give high quality products to the farmer. Due to the climatic conditions and the increase of lands dedicated to the cultivation of Afghani saffron, this valuable plant, which is known as red gold, has had a good growth in production and has been able to enter the global competition of saffron production and export. And to gain a special place among the types of saffron and to be among the best and most quality types of saffron.

Afghanistan saffron price

we must first explain the factors that affect the Afghanistan saffron price. Due to the high quality of Afghani saffron, one of the first factors that affect the Afghanistan saffron price is the amount of production per year. Given the weather and climate, the area under the ship allocated for the production of Afghan saffron, drought and the decrease in rainfall, etc., how much Afghan saffron has been produced, will certainly affect the Afghanistan saffron price.
Other factors affecting the price of Afghan saffron include the price of land allocated for cultivation, access to water, global demand for Afghan saffron, agricultural inputs such as fertilizers, labor, agricultural machinery and … Cited that are just a few examples of the factors that affect the Afghanistan saffron price. Due to the many advances that have been made in the field of technology, saffron is still traditionally and traditionally used in all dimensions. The method of planting, storing, harvesting and even drying Afghan saffron is done in a completely traditional way, which also affects the Afghanistan saffron price.

How recognize original Afghanistan saffron quality

Given the points made about Afghani saffron, we want to explain the quality of Afghan saffron before you buy Afghanistan saffron. As mentioned, Afghan saffron has been ranked first among the saffron sent to this organization for quality measurement by the World Institute of Food Taste and Quality. This shows the Afghanistan saffron quality. Many factors affect the quality of saffron. These factors can affect the quality of saffron, Climate of the region where saffron is grown.
Saffron is a tropical plant that needs mild autumns and winters with rain, snow, and hot, dry summers to produce the best yields. Another factor affecting the quality of saffron is the condition and type of soil. The soil and land used for saffron cultivation should be strong soil and also saffron has not been cultivated in that land for ten years. Fine and coarse saffron bulbs, planting amount, planting time, quality of saffron irrigation water, amount and frequency of irrigation and agricultural care, all of these affect the quality of saffron. Given these circumstances, we must tell you that the Afghanistan saffron quality is very high, which in itself affects the price of Afghan saffron.

The position of Afghanistan saffron export in the world

Afghanistan has become the third largest exporter of saffron, according to official sources on Afghanistan Saffron exports and Afghan saffron has gained a good position among the world’s Saffron. Given the high quality of Afghan saffron, it is not surprising that this saffron has entered competition with other Saffron.
Given the global market conditions as well as the efforts being made to improve the quality of Afghan saffron, Afghanistan saffron exports may be a serious competitor to and challenge other saffron producing countries. Because Afghan saffron is currently in a good condition due to the climatic conditions that are necessary for the cultivation and growth of saffron, and has been able to achieve high quality. Also, farmers working in the field of Afghan saffron cultivation have been able to gain experience and help improve the quality of this product. All these factors go hand in hand to ensure that Afghanistan saffron exports have a special and special place among saffron exporting countries and Afghan saffron is exported to many European countries.

Process of Afghanistan saffron production

increasing in buy Afghanistan saffron products, Afghani saffron has been able to compete with other saffron products in the world. Due to the increase in the price of saffron in the world market of this product and also the increase in the use of this valuable substance as a natural flavoring and coloring, in food and cosmetics as well as medicinal uses of this plant, it is expected that the production of this Product rise globally. Therefore, according to the forecast of increasing saffron production in the world, it can be concluded that the amount of Afghanistan saffron production will also increase. And more farmers and saffron growers will enter the field of production and cultivation of Afghan saffron and compete with other producers worldwide.
Because the quality of Afghan saffron is very high and farmers and saffron growers, due to the quality of Afghan saffron and its high price, can increase production by increasing the area under cultivation of this product, according to the climatic and climatic characteristics required for saffron cultivation and compete with other countries in the production of this product. Global statistics on saffron production show that Afghanistan saffron production has grown very well. So that saffron growers in this country, by producing more than six tons of saffron, have achieved the third place in the field of red gold production. And they have taken a step towards a more sustainable way in the field of saffron production for the future so that they can introduce their products to the countries of the world more than before.

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