Persian’s Revelry ceremony

Persian's Revelry ceremony


Afghanistan silk carpet

Product name: Persian’s Revelry ceremony

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Afghanistan silk carpet has an amazing design. When silk is used in the texture of the carpet, the delicacy of the carpet is multiplied. Afghanistan silk carpet is usually woven in short sizes. Silk is a natural fiber and is widely used in carpet weaving.

buying Afghanistan silk carpet

The use of silk multiplies the beauty of designs. Due to the high softness of silk, Afghanistan silk carpet is very soft. Silk has the highest value and quality among carpet weaving fibers. Natural silk is one of the most expensive and most durable fibers on the market.

Due to the high quality and high value of silk yarn, silk carpets are a luxury item. Making Afghanistan silk carpet is not only an economic activity but also an art. The Afghan people create beauty and art with carpet designs.

The light shade that silk creates on the surface of the carpet has a special effect on the decoration. The well-known factor of Afghanistan silk carpet is its beauty, shine and high effect. Carpets woven with silk have no lint at all and are therefore anti-allergic.

In Afghanistan rugs and carpet center The most beautiful carpets are on display

Afghanistan rugs and carpet center is in good condition in various production and sales sectors. Afghanistan rugs and carpet center is located in Herat and other cities in Afghanistan. Regarding Afghan carpets, we must say that it has special and beautiful designs.

As you know, the carpet market is a global market. The use of carpets for beauty and decoration is increasing day by day. People no longer use carpets just for flooring, they want beauty. Carpet weavers do not only look at carpets as flooring, but also consider carpets to be an original art.

Meanwhile, the Afghan people also show their art with carpets. Most Afghan carpets are handmade. Afghanistan rugs and carpet center has been established in many countries due to the popularity of Afghan carpets. Many countries around the world buy carpets from Afghanistan.

Afghan carpets, in addition to beauty and special designs, have a very high strength. Rugs are divided into types based on the type of texture, raw materials, design and location. Malaki, Marshawn, Baluchi, Turkmen and Sarpol carpets are examples of Afghan carpets.

Afghanistan handmade carpet price

Afghanistan handmade carpet price depends on several factors. Carpet is a commodity with universal demand. Now, if the carpet is hand-woven, it will have a reputation and a privileged position in the world.

Many people around the world want to buy beautiful and quality carpets. Afghan carpets, in addition to beauty, have a unique design and many features. The first factor in Afghanistan handmade carpet price is the fibers used.

Silk is an expensive and luxurious fiber in carpet weaving. Among the yarns used in carpets, in terms of price, softness and beauty, silk is in the first place. Carpets woven from silk are more expensive than other carpets.

The next point in Afghanistan handmade carpet price is whether the yarns are natural or artificial. Natural yarns are more expensive than synthetic yarns. The factor influencing the price of a carpet is the size of the carpet.

The larger the hand-woven carpets, the higher the price. As a rug grows in size, more time is needed to weave it. The type of color in dyeing yarns is the next factor affecting the price of carpets. Yarns have a higher price and value if they are dyed with natural color. Afghanistan handmade carpet price also depends on the global carpet market.

art and culture in Afghan handmade rugs.

Afghan handmade rugs are a type of handmade flooring traditionally produced in Afghanistan. Today, many Afghanistan handmade carpets are woven by Afghan refugees. Afghan carpets are one of the most colorful and privileged carpets.

Long and strong human and animal motifs are the hallmarks of Afghan carpet faces. Handmade rugs are popular and best-selling throughout Afghanistan. Handmade carpets are produced, especially with natural yarns.

One of the reasons why hand-woven carpets are valuable and popular is the natural yarns. Another reason for the value of Afghan hand-woven carpets is their strength and durability. Handmade rugs are very durable due to the type of yarn and the type of knot.

When we add hand art to the carpet, we put beauty and art together. Afghan handmade rugs are not just a rug; they are a valuable commodity. The type of yarn dyeing and the style of hand-woven carpet designs are unique.

The patterns on the handmade rug have a special effect and become more visible. With the use of handmade carpets, the elegance of the designs is more depicted. The bottom line is that most Afghan handmade rugs are made by women in this country.

Worldwide, handmade afghan rugs for sale

handmade afghan rugs for sale are exported all over the world. Today, Afghan carpets have a special place among carpets. According to global statistics, Afghan carpets are sent to many European countries and the United States.

Afghan carpets have won many international awards in different years. International carpet exhibitions are held annually around the world, where the best carpets are exhibited. One of the best handmade carpets present in international exhibitions is Afghan carpet.

Handmade afghan rugs for sale are available on many international sites. The presence of Afghan hand-woven carpets in the world market shows the quality of these carpets. For many reasons, hand-woven rugs are popular.

Hand-woven carpets look great and are more attractive due to the use of natural raw materials. Handmade carpets are the only flooring that is more beautiful due to walking, light washing.

Handmade carpets are hot in winter and cold in summer due to the natural materials used in their production. By buying handmade carpets, we are both grateful for the art of producing it and have contributed to our health.

𝑹𝒆𝒍𝒂𝒕𝒆𝒅 𝒌𝒆𝒚𝒘𝒐𝒓𝒅𝒔

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