Persian queen

Persian queen


pictorial carpet

Product name: Persian queen

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pictorial carpet is one of the types of carpets that are woven or produced. First of all, I will give you information about carpets. Carpet is one of the most original industries and means covering the earth. Carpet weaving is very old and dates back to more than two thousand five hundred years ago.

So carpet has its roots in the history and culture of some tribes. Today, carpets and especially pictorial carpet have a special place. In such a way that carpets and pictorial carpet are an inseparable part of houses.

Rugs and pictorial carpet are an important part of homes

pictorial Carpet is produced in two traditional ways, either by hand or by machine. Having a beautiful pictorial carpet can be a concern for many families right now. Today, in the field of carpets, there is a great variety of designs and roles.

Different types of  carpets

There are different types of rugs . Variety is such that different types of roles are used in it. From traditional carpet designs to mental and creative designs. Some of them  include historical and some pictures of plants and animals. Due to the variety of production, it is your taste in choosing the carpet that is important to buy. Because they are produced in the market today for all tastes and opinions.

decoration with pictorial carpets

Pictorial carpet benefits are many and depend on the type of use. One of the of  their benefits is that it makes you feel relaxed. Therefore, the type of image that you choose in the pictorial carpet affects your mood. Another benefits are the ability to create harmony and balance in the house.

In general, carpets have a special place in decoration. Carpets can be well matched with the theme and background of your home and make the house more beautiful. So, you can use them to decorate your home or workplace and eliminate the shortcomings. You can also impress others with the carpet you choose.

Your workplace or home will give different feelings to others with the type of carpet you choose.  So you must be careful in choosing the carpet. And before buying it, pay attention to the coordination of carpet patterns with your workplace or home. Another pictorial carpet benefits are that they are exquisite and beautiful to give as gifts to special people. You can give beautiful pictorial carpets as a gift based on the mood of the other party.

pictorial carpet price

Pictorial carpet price varies according to the type of carpet material and its quality. In order to get the pictorial carpet price, you should pay attention to some points. First, is it a handmade carpet or a weaving machine. The type of machine and handmade carpet fibers is different.

High quality synthetic fibers are used in machine carpets. And natural hand-woven carpets use natural fibers. So the material of the fibers also affects the pictorial carpet price. Whether the fibers used are wool or silk certainly affects the price.


Other factors affecting the carpets price

Another factor influencing the pictorial carpet price is its size. Today, these goods are produced and marketed in different sizes. The number of combs in machine-made carpets and the number of ridges in hand-woven carpets also affect the price. As the shoulders go up, in machine-made carpets, the carpets become of better quality and have a higher rate.

Also, the more rows of handmade carpets there are, the higher the pictorial carpet price. The type of design and knots in handmade carpets are also an effective factor in the price. Traditional designs with more work or creative and mental designs will have a higher price.

The demand for carpets is also one of the factors affecting the carpet’s price. Carpets have a global and wide market. Fluctuations in the carpet market and increasing and decreasing purchasing demand affect the price of carpets.

What is market offer for pictorial wool carpets with various plant colors.

Pictorial wool carpet is carpet with natural fleece fibers. Pictorial wool carpets are among the new and unique products. The warp and weft yarns are all made of natural and high quality wool. The wool used in pictorial wool carpet is very high quality.

Due to the use of natural wool in these carpets, they are like hand-woven carpets. Natural and solid colors have been used in the color of woolen carpet yarn. Plants are used to dye woolen carpet. Walnut skin, pomegranate skin, rhubarb, etc. are among these natural plants.


Variety of designs and colors in pictorial wool carpets

Pictorial wool carpet has very beautiful designs and patterns. Delicate woolen carpet designs and vibrant colors are used. Wool carpets are also durable and have no lint. So the shelf life of woolen carpets will be very long. Also, these carpets are of high quality and are similar to hand-woven carpets. Wool fibers have a great variety of colors due to their high dye ability.

The variety of wool colors makes it a great variety of designs. This high variety of pictorial wool carpet designs has attracted a lot of customers.

What’s Pictorial wool and silk carpets advantages

Pictorial wool and silk carpet are the types of carpets that use wool and silk in their production. Both of these fibers are used in the production of pictorial woolen and silk carpet. Silk is one of the quality and eye-catching natural fibers that is used in carpet weaving.

Silk is made from silkworm, which, although thin, has a very high strength. Silk yarn is suitable for fine-textured designs. But due to its high value and high fineness of silk fibers, it should be placed in low-traffic areas. Carpets that use silk are a luxury item that also has a high price.

Silk carpets are very popular in special places and for decoration due to their luster and high elegance. Regarding wool carpets, it should be said that wool fibers have high strength and have a long shelf life.

Carpets with wool fibers are used in busy places. Wool fibers are also effective in generating and retaining heat. Wool fibers also come in any color and have a high dye ability. woolen and silk carpet have many customers due to their high quality.

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