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Narcissus flower Carpet has a high environmental value. Today, plant carpets have found a lot of fans for interior decoration. Of course, the production of plant carpets is not very old. One of the Persian carpet plant is a carpet that is woven with seagrass fibers.

The best carpet for nature friends is Persian carpet plant – Narcissus flower Carpet


Carpets woven with seagrass are very resistant to stains and dirt. Of course, it should be noted that some plants are resistant to staining. Therefore, most Persian carpet plants are marketed in their natural color.

One of the reasons for the independence of plant carpets is the naturalness of the fibers used. Because people who are looking for natural things and love for nature, the best option for them is plant carpet.

Jute is another plant used to produce Persian carpet plant. Jute plant has a soft texture, so carpets woven with jute plant have a lot of softness. Sisal is another plant with which Persian carpet plant is woven.

Sisal plants have both good softness and high color. Therefore, carpets woven from sisal plant have a great variety. There are not many plants that can be woven and produce carpets. Therefore, the number of varieties in the production of plant carpets is not very high.

The intersection of art and experience in carpet weaving in Persian carpet hand knotted

Persian carpet hand knotted is very artistically woven. The art and taste of the weaver are also very influential in the production of handmade carpets. One of the important points of Persian carpet hand knotted is that its texture lasts for several months.

In the production of a carpet design, different types of knots and styles are used. This means that the carpet weaver shows his art, experience and skills in the carpet. The intersection of art and experience makes a design in two carpets never be 100% the same.

Therefore, in Persian carpet hand knotted, each carpet has its own identity card. In addition to high quality, hand-woven carpets contain originality and art. In Persian carpet hand knotted, specialness and high elegance in the texture can be seen.

The elegance of the carpet, in addition to the experience, also depends on the type of knitting and combing. In the production of Persian carpets, different and original knots are used. Carpet knots have a great impact on the strength and durability of the carpet.

Also, the beauty and elegance of working with original knots goes higher. Persian knot, Turkish knot and artistic knot are among the knots used in Persian carpets. All Persian, Turkish and artistic knots prolong the life of the carpet and increase the quality of the design.

See Art and Originality in Persian handmade carpet

Narcissus flower Carpet is a symbol of Persian art. Persian carpet is a perception of the universe and a connection with creation. In Persian handmade carpet designs, heaven, life, garden and Persian architecture, etc. can be seen.

Carpet designs in the regions of Persian are also related to the history of the people of those regions and their daily life. This means that the Persian handmade carpet design, like a book, incorporates the history of the people.

there is a ceremony for weaving a carpet from the beginning of weaving until the day the roots are cut. The colors used in Persian carpets are natural colors and found in nature. There are colors such as turquoise, red, green and hundreds of unique colors in Persian woven carpets.

Walnut, pomegranate, saffron, violet and other plants are used to dye yarns. The next point is that natural fibers are used in the production of Persian handmade carpet. Natural fibers such as wool, silk, fluff and cotton in carpets increase the quality of carpets.

Persian carpets are original and each carpet shows a love story. In general, Persian carpets have a special place and high global fans.

By Looking at the design of carpets, the Persian rug history is obvious.

Persian rug history is well visible in its designs. Persian have always tried to show their history on carpets. Persian carpet designs are based on customs, rituals, daily life and nature. For example, the designs woven by the nomads are a good indication of their history and life.

Persian rug history dates back to more than two thousand five hundred years ago. The oldest carpet found is the Pazyryk carpet, which is explicitly stated to belong to the Persian . The reason for the explicitness and appointment of Pazyryk carpet to Persian is the existence of Persian designs and patterns in the carpet.

The role of the Pazyryk carpet is the Achaemenes motifs that were the Persian Empire. Carpets were originally used as underlays. Over time, the use of art, design and beauty was added to carpet weaving.

Looking at Persian rug history, it is clear that Persian place a special place and value on carpets. To show the value of carpets among Persian , I must tell you some points. Persian have special ceremonies for all stages of carpet weaving.

Yarn dyeing ceremonies, carpet weaving ceremonies and thread cutting ceremonies at the end are among the carpet weaving ceremonies. One of the ceremonies that takes place during the weaving of the carpet is the singing ceremony.

Narcissus flower Carpet – Persian handmade rug

Persian handmade rug is used both as a base and as a decorative device. The first uses of carpets and rugs were as underlays. Over time, with the advent of art and experience in carpet weaving, the use of carpets diversified.

Today, in addition to underlays, carpets are one of the most important parts in decoration. The reason for paying attention to carpets in decorating houses is their beauty and elegance. The designs in Persian handmade rug have a lot of variety.

The variety of designs in Persian carpets has caused that there is a design for every taste. When the carpet is woven by hand, it adds to its quality and beauty. Also, the use of experience and taste in Persian handmade rug, has somehow added to its originality.

Carpets are woven by different ethnic groups in Persian . Carpet designs in different regions of Persian are different according to the culture of the people of those regions. In different regions of Persian , different fibers are used in carpet weaving.

Fiber use depends on the lifestyle, culture, nature and climate of the area. The colors used in the carpet of one region are also different from another region. Most of the natural fibers of wool, cotton and sometimes silk are used in Persian handmade rug.

The use of natural fibers, in addition to increasing the strength and quality of the carpet, increases the elegance of Vance with nature.

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