Musician band carpet

Musician band carpet


Pakistan carpet

Product name: Musician band

Dimensions: Customizable size

Musician band carpet is an oriental rug that is woven in Pakistan. Almost all carpets made in Pakistan are exported. Carpet weaving in Pakistan is done as a workshop and in the countryside. Pakistan carpet is woven with asymmetrical knots and cotton yarn.

In the production of Pakistani carpets, more wool or cotton yarns are used. The raw materials of Pakistan carpet are silk, wool and cotton yarn. In the past, most Pakistan carpet designs were adapted and influenced by other carpets.

Musician band Carpet – Pakistan carpet value

Today, carpet weaving has become very valuable in Pakistan and is being organized. Designs are very important in carpet weaving. Each race and culture tries to examine a specific design in carpet production.

In such a way that carpet designs are in harmony with the tradition and culture of the people. Carpet design in Musician band Carpet is a symbol of the art of those people. Pakistan carpet designs are also getting closer and closer to the culture of Pakistan itself.

Pakistani rugs are now mass-produced in Lahore, Karachi and Rawalpindi. Pakistani rugs are divided into two main parts, Mori carpets and Persian carpets. 90% of Mori carpets have Bukhara pattern and the rest have Turkmen pattern.

Pakistan carpet price

Pakistan carpet price varies according to the olive material. Numerous factors affect the price of carpets. When the fibers are natural, the price of the carpet is higher than when it is synthetic fibers.

Musician band Carpet uses natural fibers, especially wool. In addition to strengthening the carpet and prolonging its life, wool is very soft and comfortable. The price of imported wool, especially Australian wool, is influential in determining the Pakistan carpet price.

Some types of wool and wool yarn are very valuable due to their high quality. Pakistan carpet price is more reasonable than carpets of other countries. Carpet size is the next determining factor in price. The bigger the carpets, the higher the price.

The next important option in the price of the carpet is whether the carpet is handmade or machine-made. Handmade carpets have a higher price. The reason for the high price of handmade carpets is the higher strength and durability of the carpet.

The next point that should be considered as a criterion in buying carpets and its price is carpet designs. Designs have an impact on price due to changes in yarn type and time changes. Special carpet designs have a higher price.

Pakistani rugs, buy Pakistan carpets online

Pakistan carpets online is a good way to buy the right rug. Today, These are made in Pakistan have been able to enter the global market well. One of the advantages of Pakistani carpets is the closeness of the designs to the traditional designs of other countries.

The quality can be clearly seen in Pakistani carpets due to the use of wool and natural fibers. Many countries in the world sell Pakistan carpets online. By buying online, you can easily access the highest quality carpets produced.

Online sales have the advantage of buying in the fastest time and most convenient way. Carpet sales are not unaware of the importance of time and creating comfort for buyers. Due to the export of Pakistani carpets to different countries, these carpets are available to you by buying them online.

By buying Pakistan carpets online, you can buy after seeing the variety of designs and maps. When buying carpets, you should pay attention to the harmony of the carpet design with the space of the house.

Carpets should be well coordinated with the space to make them more comfortable. When it comes to buying carpets, you should know that carpets have many advantages. Especially today, when the place of carpets in decorations is very well established and popular.

Originality and art in Pakistan carpets handmade

Pakistani handmade carpets are mostly woven in rural areas. Carpet weaving in Pakistan is very old. Historically, some nomadic states in western and northwestern Pakistan have engaged in carpet weaving.

According to the history of carpet weaving in Pakistan, it can be seen that Pakistani carpet is original. Pakistan carpets handmade have a lot of fans right now.  The reason for the value and attention of Pakistan carpets handmade is their high quality and reasonable price.

Carpet production in Pakistan is booming and valuing and targeting has taken place. Pakistani carpet weaving grew after World War II and independence with adequate planning and study. The raw materials of Pakistani carpets are silk, wool and cotton yarn.

Pakistani rugs are woven with asymmetrical knots in the form of two wefts and fine weaves. In general, Pakistani carpet designs have a certain variety. In the production of Pakistani handmade carpets, there is a tendency towards traditional carpets of other countries.

Bukhara designs, Turkmen designs, Baluchistan designs, etc. are among the designs of Pakistani carpets. Geometric and broken designs also have their own fans in Pakistan carpets handmade.

Culture of the Pakistani people can be seen in Pakistani handmade carpets

Pakistani handmade carpets are one of the fastest growing industries in Pakistan. Handmade carpets are considered in most countries due to their high material value and artistic value. Carpets today have a special place in home decoration and home beauty.

The value of handmade carpets from a natural point of view also has a special place. In Pakistani handmade carpets, the principles of art have been tried to be well observed. The colors and designs of a rug have a huge impact on the sense of comfort.

Colors taken from the heart of nature, designs adapted from life, are a symbol of hand-woven carpets.  In fact, Pakistani handmade carpets depict the traditional culture and customs of the Pakistani people.

According to the Muslim majority of Pakistanis, Islamic designs are well seen on Pakistani carpets. It takes years for an art to reach a high degree of maturity.  Regarding the art of carpet weaving, it can be said that the roles have a history of carpet weaving.

Pakistani hand-woven rugs embody the history and life of the people of this country. Beauty and at the same time quality and reasonable price have made Pakistani carpets more and more prosperous.

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