Jesus christ tableau rug

Jesus christ tableau rug


Turkish hand woven carpets

Product name: Jesus Christ tableau rug

Dimensions: 40*51.5

Jesus Christ tableau rug is Turkish hand woven carpets that are unique rugs woven from natural colors and fibers. Cheerful colors, special colors, beautiful designs are the characteristics of Turkish hand woven carpets. The use of natural fibers and natural colors is a sign of harmony with nature in Turkish carpets.

unique beauty in Jesus Christ tableau rug

Jesus Christ tableau rug give you a good sense of relaxation that comes from Peaceful portrait. The handmade carpet is a sign of its quality. In the production of Turkish hand woven carpets, fibers such as silk, wool, and cotton are used.

In the production of handmade carpets, due to the importance of work and the value of work, the best yarns are used. The quality of the primary fibers and the time spent on carpet weaving are two important factors in carpet pricing. To weave some handmade carpets, it takes a long time to create that design.

Handmade carpets, based on the experience of the weaver, have unique characteristics. Two skilled carpet weavers can never make a design 100% similar. The appearance of Turkish hand woven carpet is so beautiful that it tempts every viewer to buy it.

Turkish handwoven carpets catalog, beautiful patterns and designs

Turkish hand woven carpets catalog includes very unique designs. The main style of Turkish carpet design is based on geometric and broken designs. Other types of carpet designs include revolving motifs and natural flowers and leaves.

In Turkish hand woven carpets catalog You can see the beauty of hand art well. Carpets are a symbol of a land. Carpet weavers use carpets to depict their art, experience, skills and life. The reason why hand-woven carpets are valuable is because they are unique.

When we talk about carpet weaving, we have to think that it is basically a symbol of life. It takes several months to weave handmade rugs, depending on their size. The amount of time a weaver spends weaving a rug is a symbol of his or her lifetime.

There are also altar designs in the Turkish hand woven carpets catalog. Colors play a major role in the texture of Turkish carpets. Carpet colors should dazzle the viewer and show beauty. That is why natural colors are used in handmade carpets.

Have a deep connection with nature by having a Turkish hand woven rugs.

Turkish hand woven rugs have their own characteristics. In the texture of Turkish hand woven rugs, the main color priority is red and yellow. and other colors are the next priority. Perhaps one of the reasons why hand-woven carpets are so attractive is the use of vivid and real colors.

In dyeing Jesus Christ tableau rug, more than plants, roots and bark of trees are prepared. Blue yarn for this carpet was made from indigo and red, pink, orange, and purple were obtained from rhubarb. Many Turkish regions weave carpets.

The designs and color preferences are different in each area where the carpet is woven. The only common feature of all hand-woven carpets is the attempt to connect with nature. The colors, patterns and yarns of hand-woven carpets all come from nature.

In this regard, handmade carpets are the best option for nature lovers. Another feature of Turkish hand woven rugs is its color calm. Carpet colors should inspire a sense of life and a sense of calm in people and bring people closer.

History and traditions can be seen in Turkish handmade rugs

Turkish handmade rugs are a symbol of the art and culture of the Turkish people. Turkey, due to its good climate, has flourished cotton cultivation and animal husbandry from the past to the present.

Cotton and wool are the two main materials and fibers in carpet weaving. Traditional beliefs and the importance of history can be clearly seen in the roles of Turkish handmade rugs. An important feature art of carpet weaving is the ability to preserve and transmit history to the people.

In Turkish handmade rugs you can clearly see the importance of preserving values and the importance of traditions. Designs taken from geometric shapes and with special color characteristics are the symbol of Turkish carpets. The first thing you notice about Turkish handmade rugs is the importance of red.

Turkish carpet knots are also very strong. Yarn knots and fibers in the carpet are the main factor in the durability and life of the hand-woven carpet. Due to the presence of quality fibers and strong knots, hand-woven carpets have a long life. Hand-woven carpets last for years and even generations.

high quality Turkish hand knotted rugs

Turkish hand knotted rugs are one of the highest quality and most durable carpets. The type of knot in the life and strength of the carpet is the first letter. In Turkish carpets, the carpet yarn is passed through the base, which is called the Turkish knot.

In Turkish hand knotted rugs, the design and pattern are clearly visible from both sides. Handmade carpets are very valuable in terms of art and price. One of the reasons for the importance of handmade carpets is that they are 100% natural and anti-allergic.

Turkish hand knotted rugs are also very shiny and flexible. The artistic value of handmade carpets increases with time and the use of carpets. Handmade rugs become more beautiful and eye-catching by stepping, light and washing.

Turkish hand knotted rugs Due to the natural materials used in it, summers are cold and winters are hot. You will find peace of mind by seeing the various designs and colors of hand-woven carpets. To buy a handmade rug, choose a rug that you enjoy seeing its design and color scheme.

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