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Grandma's house


wool carpet

Product name: Grandma’s house Carpet

Dimensions: Customizable size

Grandma’s house Carpet is wool carpet which is the yarn used is made of natural wool fibers. Wool is made from the hair of animals such as sheep, goats and camels. Wool that is obtained from one breed and from one region is called homogeneous.

Being a wool is very important for producing wool yarn that has a uniformity and a resistance. It is important that the wool yarns in them have a quality and a strength. Wool is also the most important raw material in weaving.

Grandma’s house Carpet and its quality

The use of wool in their weaving has a very long history and has a history of weaving. Wool carpet is woven specifically from wool fibers. Also, wool carpet is produced in two ways, machine and hand.

Both machine and hand-woven models of wool fibers are of high quality. The most expensive machine-made are wool carpet .The durability and long life of cotton rugs has caused it to have many fans. The softness  is also very high.

those ones which made by wool are very popular, especially in cold regions. Because wool balances the ambient temperature well.

Elegance and beauty in the wool and silk carpets

wool and silk carpet is a product that uses a combination of wool and silk in its texture. Wool fibers and silk fibers each have properties. Silk is a natural fiber derived from silkworm. Silk yarns are very soft, delicate and delicate but strong.

Silk fibers are very suitable for designs with high elegance and fine texture. Wool is another natural fiber used in weaving. Woolen yarns have been used in these products from the past to the present. Wool fibers are very strong and have a long life.

Also, wool yarns are much more expensive than silk. Both wool and silk fibers are used in wool and silk carpet. But the amount of wool or silk yarn used depends on the type of product and its design.

In wool and silk carpet, it creates various designs that are both delicate and durable. When silk and wool yarn is used at the same time, it also affects the final price. Because silk ones will only be very expensive. So by combining wool and silk, they get high quality and more reasonable price.

Natural fibers in wool Carpet vs silk carpet

wool vs silk carpet is a product that is silk in some parts and wool in some parts. There are different types of wool vs silk carpet. It may be the warp part of the silk rug and silk thread is used in the flowers.

This silky face of the warp, due to the high elegance and softness, should be used in low traffic areas. Or it is woolen and only the flowers of the carpet are made of silk thread. With the silkiness of the flowers, elegance, tenderness and beauty that the flowers in the carpet are very high.

If the carpet is woolen, this carpet has a high resistance. Carpets with wool yarn are thick and suitable for busy places. Combining wool and silk in wool vs silk carpet creates a combination of elegance and strength. Each of the wool and silk fibers has its own characteristics.

For example, wool is resistant and retains heat and heat. Or silk has a lot of shine and softness. When both wool and silk yarns are used in goods, a combination of wool and silk properties is created.

Having silk and wool at the same time also affects the cost of the product.. The important point is that both yarn and silk fibers are natural and have unique properties.

Production of quality in wool and silk carpet company

wool and silk carpet company is a company that produces various types of carpets. This is a successful industry for companies today. Carpet has a wide meaning and has many sub-categories.

In general, wool and silk carpets are produced by hand or machine-made. But the subset of wool and silk carpets is high. They are one of the subsets of carpets that has a very high variety. Carpets are another subset of carpets.

Carpet is another subset of carpet that is produced in wool and silk carpet company. The size of the rug is less than six meters. The use of carpets as a base or as a decoration has long been considered.

The use of carpets in home decorations is accepted and has a place. For this reason, according to the needs of families and individuals, wool and silk carpet company produce various types of carpets.

The combination of wool and silk allows families to get a luxury product at a reasonable price. And by combining elegance, strength and beauty of two fibers of silk and wool in homes.  to make their home decor more beautiful.

Combination of natural and synthetic fibers in wool and poly silk carpet

wool and poly silk carpet is one of the types of carpets with high elegance and softness. Different fibers are used in the production of various carpets. These fibers include natural fibers and synthetic fibers.

Natural fibers such as silk, wool, fluff and penne have long been used in carpet weaving. Today, quality synthetic fibers were widely used in carpet weaving. One of the reasons for using synthetic but similar natural and quality fibers is to reduce costs.

When natural fibers are used only in carpets such as silk or wool, that will be very expensive. Or carpets with fluffy fibers alone will be expensive because they are natural. It will be difficult for many families and individuals to buy carpets with natural fibers.

Because natural fiber carpets are very expensive. One of the quality and beautiful fibers in carpet weaving is poly silk.

poly silk has radiance and beauty like silk. Natural yarn and rayon are used in and poly silk carpets. These goods have a lot of radiance and softness and are very similar to wool and silk carpets. The use of rayon has led to the launch of quality carpets but at a reasonable price.

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