French girl tableau rug

French girl tableau rug


Persian pictorial carpet

Product name: French girl tableau rug

Dimensions : Customizable size

French girl tableau rug is one of the most beautiful rugs in our store. One of the important features of Persian pictorial carpet decorative drawings and basic concepts. In general, their designs are special and combined with the culture and art of the regions of this country.

French girl tableau rug art and elegance – Persian pictorial carpet

In Persian pictorial carpet designs, art, history, the universe and other concepts are mixed. In Persian pictorial carpet, the originality and antiquity of art and design are well evident. In the carpets, all kinds of animal designs, rural life, flowers, farms, portraits, etc.

can be seen. Carpet knots are very small to show the beauty. The sharper the tears, the more beautiful the design and the better the carpet. Therefore, the variety of designs in the texture of the carpet is very high.

Persian pictorial carpet is produced in two ways: hand-woven and machine-made. In both hand-woven and machine-made carpet methods, the quality of Persian pictorial carpets can be seen well.

The reason for the emergence of carpets in Persian was to prevent the normalization of art over time. Carpets lost their importance over time because they were used as underlays.

Persian pictorial carpet was created to create lasting art and an ornamental product. Carpets have a special place in Persian culture and art.

The beautiful ideas of Persian carpet pics are taken from nature.

Persian carpet pics are very diverse and there are differences in each region. Persian is a country with a very rich history and culture.

There are different climates and different ethnic groups living in Persian , which has caused a variety of cultures and traditions. Cultural diversity and ethnic diversity are well seen. In different climates of Persian , different fibers are used for carpet weaving.

In cold regions, wool and fluff are used more and in the northern regions, silk thread is used more. Each of the fibers and yarns of carpet weaving have their own characteristics and produce some designs better.

Therefore, they have a great variety. Natural colors are used in dyeing carpet weaving yarns. Among the natural dyes used to dye yarns are walnut skin, pomegranate skin, saffron and rhubarb.

For this reason, Persian carpet pics are very close to nature and have a direct connection with nature. In Persian carpet pics, designs have been tried to come out of the heart of nature and to maintain the connection between man and nature.

In fact, Persian carpet pics are a connection between real life and art. In Persian carpet roles, the connection with the surrounding world and the universe is well visible. Designs and roles are not separate from life.

 In all over the world Persian carpets for sale are always unique

Persian carpets for sale has a great variety. Persian have long been skilled in carpet weaving. Therefore, from the past until today, Persian carpets for sale are seen in different countries and markets around world.

If you look at historical paintings, Persian carpets are very old. Even today, we see that Persian carpets have a special place in the world. Persian carpets for sale in the world market include hand-woven and machine-made carpets.

Persian handmade carpets have their roots in the history of this country. Hand-woven carpets try to display the art of different regions. Persian hand-woven carpets are among the highest quality carpets in the world.

Persian carpets for sale ; Persian carpet certainly has a privileged position in the world market. Persian machine-made carpets are also of very high quality.

In machine-made carpets, design and quality have been tried to be closer to hand-woven carpets. In machine-made carpets, the more the carpet is combed, the higher the quality of the carpet.

by combing the carpet that the designs become more beautiful and the elegance of the design becomes more apparent. I am close to buying Persian carpets for sale online.

Where to buy Persian carpets near to me

Persian carpets near me are one of the best carpets for sale. Carpets have a special place in the world. The position of Persian carpets is also special and important. Because the designs and patterns of Persian carpets communicate well with nature and people. Special color, excellent designs, quality texture are the advantages of Persian carpets.

It is now accepted to use carpets as flooring or for decoration. Persian carpets near me are available today more than ever. It is enough for me to sell Persian carpets online. Different countries and companies sell quality Persian carpets.

By shopping online, in addition to seeing the variety of products, you can make the best choice according to your needs. Persian carpets near me sales centers are because Persian carpets are a reputable brand.

Persian carpets have many branches around the world due to their international acceptance and high quality. Centers that make all kinds of hand-woven carpets, carpets, rugs and weaving machines in Persian .  To get quality Persian carpets, refer to reputable centers.

French girl tableau rug designs

Persian carpet designs have a very high variety. Carpets are very old among the Persian tribes and carpets are woven in different parts of Persian .

Each region has created special features in its carpets according to the climatic characteristics and raw materials of the carpet texture. In Persian , the design of carpets is not separate from the life and nature around them.

Each region of Persian has a special design according to the history, nature, rituals, thoughts and beliefs. Carpet weaving is considered not only artistic but also mystical among Persian .Many tribes throughout history have displayed their beliefs with carpets.

Persian carpet designs are rooted in the nature and history of different ethnic groups in Persian .Persian have been able to establish a good relationship between the carpet and the Creator and creation.

They are so diverse and beautiful that some of them are being forgotten. One of the examples of Persian carpet design is Afghan design. In Afghan design, flowers, twigs and leaves are scattered and unrelated in the carpet.

Or a tree carpet design, whose role is close to nature and its connection. Turkmen design which is a beautiful design based on nomadic life. The design of a hunting ground or fish that are taken from nature and animals in nature.

These are examples of various designs of Persian carpets. According to the examples mentioned, it is clear that the design of carpets is not separate from nature.

𝑹𝒆𝒍𝒂𝒕𝒆𝒅 𝒌𝒆𝒚𝒘𝒐𝒓𝒅𝒔

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