Boat and river Carpet

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Product name: Boat and river Carpet

Product Originality: Afghanistan carpet

Dimensions : Customizable size

Boat and river Carpet is a type of handmade flooring that is traditionally produced in Afghanistan. Today, many Afghan rugs are woven by Afghan refugees living in pars and Pakistan. The people of Afghanistan depict their history and culture on them with handicrafts.

the art of hand weaving in Boat and river Carpet

Afghanistan carpet has won many international awards in the field of carpets. Afghanistan carpet is woven in the northern and western parts of Afghanistan by various ethnic groups, especially the Turkmen.

Different tribes and peoples show originality in carpets. Every nation and tribe offers its own unique and special carpet weaving designs to the market.  Designs that show the friendly nature and simple life of the Afghan people are visible on Afghan carpets.

One of the most colorful and privileged types of that is Shindand or Adraskan carpet.  Herat province is one of the important centers of carpet weaving in Afghanistan. Carpet weaving is a long tradition among the Afghan people.

In fact, many cities in that country weave traditional Afghan carpets. One of the outstanding features  is the traditional patterns in carpet weaving. Most Afghan rugs are woven in medium sizes and marketed.

Combination of tradition and history of the in Afghanistan carpets design

Afghanistan carpet design has various features. In fact, it has a range of traditional designs. In Afghan carpets, designs such as octagonal, forest design, etc. can be seen.

Afghanistan carpet design is derived from the lifestyle, beliefs and art of the Afghan people. Afghan carpet designs abound in tent living plans. Religious ceremonies and celebrations can also be found in Afghanistan carpet design.

The people of Afghanistan are hardworking and content. When you look at Afghan rugs, you can see their simple lifestyle. In fact, the Afghan people are people who are very compatible with nature.

Various tribes in Afghanistan weave carpets. Baluch tribes living in the southwest and Turkmen are two examples of the famous Afghan carpet weaving tribes. Afghans use plants and oil dyes to dye carpet yarns.

Due to the oily yarn, its design has a very beautiful and colorful effect. Afghan rugs use a wide range of colors and designs. The naturalness of fibers and colors is one of the characteristics of hand-woven carpets of Afghan tribes.

Boat and river Carpet – Afghanistan carpet price

Afghanistan carpet price is determined according to various factors. The fibers used in carpets are the first factor in determining the price. Natural fibers are mostly used in the production of Afghan carpets.

Natural fibers mean durability and higher quality carpet. The most important fibers used in Afghan carpets are silk and wool. Natural yarns are dyed with natural and oily dyes.  In general, most carpet weaving in Afghanistan is done in the traditional way.

Another point in Afghanistan carpet price is the area or area of the carpet. Carpets are produced in different sizes and shapes. The larger the size of a rug, the higher the price.  Another determining factor in Afghanistan carpet price is that most Afghan rugs are handmade.

Handmade carpets are an important factor in the price of those products because the texture of the carpet is very time consuming. Also, handmade ones, in addition to being more beautiful, have much higher strength and longevity.

Therefore, hand-woven or machine-made carpet is a determining factor in the price of carpet. The type of carpet design also affects the price of the carpet. Some carpet designs are very delicate and time consuming which affects the price of the carpet.

quality of Afghan carpets in Boat and river Carpet

Afghanistan carpet export is booming right now. The Afghan people offered their rugs at a very reasonable price to gain a global market. Currently, Afghanistan carpet exports to many countries around the world.

Afghan carpets are universally accepted due to their special designs. So that Afghan carpet manufacturers have organized several exhibitions around the world. popularity of Afghan carpets is increasing due to the use of natural materials and at the same time reasonable prices.

Increasing Afghanistan carpet export is one of the goals of the Afghanistan Industry and Trade Organization. In fact, Afghanistan is exporting its culture and art in an effort to increase exports. Afghan hand-woven carpets are famous for their beauty, tradition and specialness.

Many countries, including the United States and Germany, are now major buyers of Afghan carpets. Certainly Afghan carpets can be successful in exports. Variety of colors, attractive design, traditional patterns, etc. are the reasons for the value of carpets. Afghan rugs with oily and shiny yarns dazzle everyone.

Afghanistan Carpet Cost Factors

Afghanistan carpet cost is determined by the fiber rate. In order to weave a carpet, tools and facilities are needed. One of the first and most important materials needed for  weaving is  fibers.

The naturalness and artificiality of fibers have a direct impact on the quality of Afghanistan carpet cost. Natural materials increase the price of them due to their higher value and price. But on the other hand, natural fibers are durable and sometimes extend the life of the carpet for generations.

Another point about the cost of weaving a carpet is the type of color and material of the threads. Afghan carpets use natural colors, especially natural oil paints. Yarn material is also a very important factor in determining Afghanistan carpet cost.

If the yarn used is silk, the cost of producing product will increase. In contrast, wool is reasonably priced due to their livestock history in Afghanistan.  The use of natural and available fibers causes a lot of changes in the cost of carpet production.

If the raw materials of the carpet are imported, the production costs will increase. The art and authenticity of Afghan carpets is available due to the use of natural materials. Wool plays an important role in the production of carpets in Afghanistan.

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