Afghan Saffron – Persian Negin Saffron

Afghan Saffron - Persian Negin Saffron


Weight: 500 Gr

Quality:  A+++ Grade

Species: Negin

Saffron from Afghanistan is exported to many countries around the world.  Among the countries that import saffron from Afghanistan and are among the countries consuming Afghan saffron are the United States, India and China. Currently, several large American companies in the field of food production and distribution are the main customers and buyers of Afghan saffron. In recent years, saffron cultivation has expanded in the provinces of Afghanistan, And the saffron growers of this country have been able to reach the third place of saffron production in the world, which indicates that Afghanistan is a new hub of saffron production and export in the world.

Saffron from Afghanistan

Increased arable land, good climatic conditions, timely distribution and planting of saffron bulbs by farmers, proper investment in saffron, has increased saffron production in Afghanistan. With the increase in production, saffron from Afghanistan is exports have also increased. accordingly, another reason for the increase in the amount of saffron from Afghanistan’s exports to other countries is the very high quality of this precious spice. Afghan Saffron is currently an internationally recognized saffron that has been ranked number one in the world for several years in a row.

Natural Afghanistan red gold saffron plant

Afghanistan Red Gold Saffron has been created with the specific purpose of creating Afghan saffron to export this product to world markets. One of the activities of Afghanistan Red Gold Saffron is to set a standard for exporting saffron from Afghanistan so that by exporting the best and highest quality saffron produced in this country, they can have a special place for themselves in global markets. In order to produce high quality saffron, the conditions and facilities must be provided to saffron farmers and farmers and the barriers to production must be removed.

One of the measures of Afghanistan Red Gold Saffron is to remove barriers to saffron production for farmers, in addition to integrating and coordinating saffron farmers, as well as proper training and adequate supervision of saffron production, which has increased the quality of saffron produced in this country. All these measures have caused the Afghan saffron to produce and export saffron under one flag, and there is a standard for measuring the quality and quality of saffron produced. Removing the obstacles and problems that farmers are struggling with has increased their hope and increased the number of farmers who produce saffron. In addition, being a criterion for the quality of saffron, has increased the stones to bring production to that quality level, which has made saffron farmers more active in education and learning.

Afghan saffron for sale on Exportex online store

Afghan saffron for sale is quality saffron produced in Afghanistan, which is produced or even exported under the supervision of the Afghan Red Gold Saffron brand. There are several factors that affect the price and price of Afghan saffron for sale. As you know, many countries are currently buying saffron from Afghanistan, which affects the price of this spice. The next factor is the amount of saffron production in Afghanistan. The level of quality and quality of saffron, the world price of this product, the existence of tariffs for this product, etc. also affect the price of Afghan saffron for sale. As you know, saffron is the most expensive seasoning and spice in the world, which has led to the entry of profiteers and opportunists, and the sale of counterfeit saffron to buyers.

So it is very important that you buy the best and highest quality saffron. Here are some easy ways to identify the original saffron. Soak a few saffron strands in hot water for five to twenty minutes. Counterfeit saffron quickly loses its artificial color. But the original saffron remains intact in hot water and creates a uniform yellow color in the water. The next point is the aroma and taste of the original saffron, which by tasting the water in which the saffron was, can be found to be counterfeit or genuine. Many sites and stores have put up Afghan saffron for sale, but it is very important that you buy this product from reputable sites and stores.

Afghan saffron price in USA and conditions

Afghan saffron price in USA depends on many factors and conditions, some of which we will examine together. The first factor is the production of saffron. As production increases, the price can fall somewhat. The second factor is the amount of demand for this product worldwide.  Due to the increasing demand for this valuable spice in the world, we are witnessing the Saudi trend in the price of this spice. As you know, saffron from Afghanistan is exported to many countries in the world, and the global demand for it is increasing day by day due to its excellent quality, which has affected the price of Afghan saffron.

Other factors that affect on Afghan saffron price in USA are the production of saffron in other producing countries in the world and the competition created between producers as to how much they consider the price of their saffron for sale. The type of saffron that is pure saffron or with cream, the quality of saffron, the weight of saffron in the package and the type of packaging are other factors affecting on the Afghan saffron price in the USA.

What is Afghan saffron benefits ?

One the of Afghan saffron benefits over other saffron products is the higher quality of this saffron compared to its competitors. One of the reasons for saying this is to pay attention to the report of the World Food Taste and Quality Assessment Organization. This organization once again selected Afghan saffron as the best and most quality saffron in the world. Another Afghan saffron benefits is that it is organic. Due to the climatic conditions of Afghanistan, it has the least need for the use of pesticides. Also, all stages of cultivation, growth and cutting of saffron in Afghanistan are done in a completely traditional way.

Another Afghan saffron benefits is the fluctuation of saffron production and also the saffron market in this country, which has caused more buyers to pay attention to Afghan saffron. Another Afghan saffron benefits is the easier rules for exporting this product to other countries, as well as monitoring the quality of saffron produced, which has led to the export of saffron from Afghanistan to many countries around the world. All these advantages together have caused Afghan saffron to gain a higher position in the international market than its competitors and become a reputable brand and the global demand for this product to go higher and higher.

𝑹𝒆𝒍𝒂𝒕𝒆𝒅 𝒌𝒆𝒚𝒘𝒐𝒓𝒅𝒔

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