Afghan Royal Saffron

Afghan Royal Saffron


Weight: 1 Kg

Quality:  A+++ Grade

Species: Negin


Afghan Royal Saffron is one of the most reputable and leading companies in the field of packaging, distribution and sale of Afghan saffron around the world. The main concern of saffron buyers is that the saffron they buy is genuine and high quality. In order for saffron to be original, it must have features and characteristics. The first option in the case of Afghan Royal saffron is the uniform coloring of this valuable substance when placed in hot water.

Afghan Royal Saffron

If we put saffron in cold water and take it out of the water after a while, the color of the stigma will not change and it will retain its red color. Saffron that loses its color quickly is not the original saffron. The next characteristic of Afghan Royal saffron is its pleasant and sweet smell. The aroma of saffron is invigorating and well recognizable. The next way to identify the original saffron is to put some of it between the paper and press, Original saffron should not give back oil and should be powdered.

In general, the easiest way to buy original and high quality saffron is to buy it from reputable sites and stores. Afghan Royal Saffron is one of the brands that provide customers with original saffron in various and beautiful weights and packages. Dear customers, you can buy Afghan saffron with the best quality with confidence from authorized sites and stores. Afghan Royal Saffron is one of the largest exporters of Afghan saffron to different countries of the world, which has branches and representative offices in most major countries.

Who is Afghan saffron Herat exporter

Afghan Saffron Herat is an exporter and distributor of Afghan saffron. As you know, Afghanistan has the highest production of saffron in the city of Herat and Herat has become a hub in saffron production. Afghan Saffron Herat, which specifically exports and sells Herat saffron, has been able to establish itself well among the world’s saffron exporters. Herat is one of the largest cities in Afghanistan and a pioneer in saffron production in this country.

One of the main reasons for welcoming Herat saffron and buyers’ attention to this saffron is the organic nature of this spice. Due to the special climatic conditions of Herat and also gaining suitable experience by saffron growers of this city, they have been able to launch an organic product with high quality using world methods and with the least need for agricultural poisons. Afghan saffron Herat also has the lowest price fluctuation, which has made it more popular to buy.

Afghan Saffron Herat has been able to introduce Afghan quality saffron to the world and, along with other companies active in the export of Afghan saffron, become the third country to export this precious spice and strengthen its foothold in the global market.

Afghanistan Super Negin color and specification

Afghanistan Super Negin is the highest quality and best saffron produced in Afghanistan. In some areas, whether food or other, some samples are always special and unique and fascinate you. In the field of saffron, Afghanistan Super Negin is like this. When it comes to the superiority and uniqueness of the Afghan saffron sample, the first thing that comes to mind is Afghanistan Super Negin.

Afghanistan Super Negin is the saffron of Afghanistan, which is the largest export of Afghan saffron and has a bright red color. This product is a pure product that is obtained from saffron cream-free noodles. Saffron consists of two parts, stigma and white or saffron cream. In order for saffron to be pure and excellent, the whiteness of saffron is separated from the stigma and only the red part of the saffron is dried and sold, which is called saffron.

Due to the purity of saffron, if you taste it, it has a slightly bitter taste. Also, Afghanistan Super Negin Saffron has a spicy and invigorating aroma, which shows the excellent quality of this product. Due to this high quality, large companies such as Afghan Royal Saffron have allocated most of their export share to this type of saffron.

𝑹𝒆𝒍𝒂𝒕𝒆𝒅 𝒌𝒆𝒚𝒘𝒐𝒓𝒅𝒔

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