A girl like the moon

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A girl like the moon


wool and silk rugs

Product name: A girl like the moon Carpet Tableau

Dimensions: Custom size

A girl like the moon Carpet – wool and silk rugs have a fine and special texture. The use of wool and silk in wool and silk rugs has led to a variety of products. Wool is widely used in carpet weaving due to its naturalness and high color ability.

Using wool, and natural colors, very beautiful yarns are created for carpets. Natural colors make wool carpets anti-allergic. Silk has also been a unique natural fiber for centuries. Silk yarns are famous for their softness and beautiful shine.

Special and beautiful patterns in wool and silk rugs – A girl like the moon Carpet

In A girl like the moon Carpet, we have both the color and closeness to the nature of wool and the softness and beauty of silk. In fact, wool and silk rugs are a decorative carpet and a quality underlay. You can use carpets both as a base and for decor.

Depending on your needs, you can buy the carpet you want. The fine texture and high combing in wool and silk rugs make the roles very beautiful. The reason for using silk in the carpet is to show the most delicate parts of a role. Silk can make the smallest and most delicate parts of a carpet look good.

Art and beauty lie in A girl like the moon handwoven rug

wool handwoven rug is an old and original art. wool handwoven rug is both a mat and a home decoration. The use of carpets in decoration is very important. A girl like the moon Carpet cover the space well and cause relaxation. The designs on the wool handwoven rug include traditional and modern designs.

The traditional designs on the carpets are rooted in the history and culture of my relatives. Carpet designers always try to preserve the originality and culture of their region. By looking at the design and material of the carpet, we can understand which ethnic group they belong to.

When a rug is woven by hand, there is actually a connection between the weaver and the rug. Carpet weavers try to instill their culture and show their history with handicrafts. In such a way that the hand-woven carpet shows the connection between the past and the present.

Wool is the oldest fiber used in carpets. wool handwoven rug is very soft and useful for body health. Due to its good thickness, wool yarn has a long life and is resistant to pressure. Wool carpets are also very suitable for balancing the ambient air.

The hand-woven nature of a carpet leads to its quality and at the same time increases its price. The best wool fibers are used in hand-woven carpets, which causes a very high quality.

The colors and patterns of wool rugs are beautiful and close to nature

wool rugs are produced in both traditional and machine methods. The traditional method, the same as the hand weaving method, is several thousand years old in carpet weaving. In the machine method, the highest quality wool is used in carpet weaving.

That is why the best machine-made carpets are woolen carpets. Woolen hand-woven carpets are also very beautiful and special and have an excellent quality. In general, carpets have different types and are woven with different fibers.

A girl like the moon Carpet has its own fans in the market according to the fibers used. Among these, wool rugs are the most popular carpets on the market. The reason why woolen carpets are popular is due to the natural properties of wool.

One of the important features of wool rugs lies in their color and charm. Wool has a very high dye ability. Due to the color of the wool, it can be used in a variety of roles. In fact, a range of colors can be seen in woven yarns.

Another important point is the wool yarn in dyeing them for carpets. Natural dyes are used in dyeing woolen yarns. So the colors in wool rugs are close to nature, which makes them feel relaxed.

Elegance and strength are well seen in wool and silk rugs

wool and silk rugs have a special elegance and beauty. There are several factors involved in buying a rug. One of the important factors in buying carpets is the type of carpet. It is the material of the carpet that determines the price, elegance, role and application of a carpet.

A girl like the moon Carpet have excellent material. Natural fibers are used in the production of carpet for several reasons. One of the reasons for using wool and silk is to increase the strength and life of a carpet. The next reason for using natural fibers is their special color.

Natural fibers are also widely used in designs with elegance.

In fact, it is the use of natural fibers that determines the quality of a carpet. Carpets with natural fibers have more strength, beauty, elegance and softness. In fact, the designs of wool and silk rugs are so pleasant and beautiful that they attract people.

The percentage of using two fibers of wool and silk, depending on the design and manufacturer, varies in the carpet. Among carpet weaving fibers, silk yarns have the highest price. After silk yarns, wool yarns are more expensive than other fibers. Therefore, the use of wool and silk also has its effects on the price of carpets.

Persian carpet Patterns in A girl like the moon Carpet

Persian carpet is one of the best and highest quality carpets produced in the world. Carpet weaving in Persian is two thousand five hundred years old. The oldest carpet found in the world belongs to Persian , Persian carpet has always been one of the best carpets in the world.

The great countries of the world imported Persian carpets in different periods. In the works of paintings of different countries, the design and role of carpets woven by Persian can be seen in A girl like the moon Carpet. Carpet weaving in Persian is associated with the culture and customs of each region. I

n such a way that each region of Persian has a different design and role of carpet than other regions. The type of yarn and the color of the yarn used in the carpets also differ in each region. In many parts of Persian , dyeing yarns is still done in the traditional way and with natural colors.

Persian carpet is the manifestation of human relationship with nature and the design of carpets is taken from the Creator and the universe. Dyeing carpet yarns has a special ceremony that is performed from the beginning.

This gives them a good idea of how important and historic carpet weaving is in Persian . Persian carpet is produced in two ways: hand-woven or traditional and machine method. Both models of carpets are very high quality and have a special place in different countries.

𝑹𝒆𝒍𝒂𝒕𝒆𝒅 𝒌𝒆𝒚𝒘𝒐𝒓𝒅𝒔

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