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Orginal super negin saffron

High quality super Negin saffron is premium Persian saffron that has a unique smell and aroma and is useful for the treatment of some diseases. Saffron is a well-known plant that has been used as a condiment and also as a coloring agent since archaic times. Each saffron flower has three useful filaments that produce the saffron spice and farmers separate them from the saffron flower by hand. Saffron filaments are the female part of the flower.

Saffron color is a shade of yellow or orange when brewed. buy High quality super Negin Products to spread positivism either in a place, foods or beverages. Saffron filaments consist of carotenoids (crocetin, crocins, α-carotene, lycopene, zeaxanthin), monoterpene aldehydes (picrocrocin and safranal), monoterpenoids (crocusatines), isophorones, and flavonoids. Super Negin saffron benefits led it to be the most popular saffron brand in the world.

Species of  Saffron, Super negin Saffron qualities

Saffron quality and strength depend on many factors. The geographical location and the amount of style taken off the red threads, and the age of the Walden flowers. These factors affect natural saffron extract quality. A scientist studied 11 different types of saffron from different locations. He realized that the percentage of active ingredients is different in each of the saffron types.

These active components contain many therapeutical properties. Super Negin Company’s saffron has the highest quality among other saffron types. It is all red and has strong filaments exuding color and aroma with an extraordinary taste. Persia accounts for about 90 percent of the world’s saffron production. We offer the freshest saffron threads for your daily use. Super Negin saffron benefits are numerous.

Quality levels for Persian super Negin saffron

Persian super Negin saffron is the best quality saffron. All red or A+ is grade 1 saffron that contains only all red filaments. This is high-quality saffron that is 100% premium. Nowadays, security measurements are in the form of ISO (International Standards Organization). It’s a grading system for saffron 3 filaments and powdered ones. Saffron filaments consist of; minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and vitamins.

In 1980, the ISO/TS 3632 was made especially for saffron production and also checks their label and package forms. In ISO-Norm 3632-2, coloring and crocin are about 240, Safranal and flavor are about 50, and Picrocrocin and bitterness are around 95. Negin is a Persian popular female name. This name means “a rare diamond or precious stone on a piece of jewelry such as a ring or necklace”. Persia has a suitable climate for crocus plants to grow up, therefore, Persian super Negin saffron is the best grown-up saffron.

Preparing saffron tea

Making saffron tea is so easy and beneficial. steep the saffron threads in hot water and it begins to spread its flavor and color into the water. After 5 to 10 minutes, your saffron tea is ready. Note that it shouldn’t release the color that soon. Some manufactures may mix the real saffron with other components that are harmful to health. You can mix saffron threads with other herbal tea leaves and make your drink special.

Important: Make sure to refer to reputable companies and websites so you won’t get ripped off. Saffron extra super Negin Afghanistan gives you the best saffron scent.

Deep red super Negin saffron

All red super Negin saffron is the highest quality Persian saffron with no yellow or white styles. it has the original saffron color. Shop confidently from our website and enjoy. These thick all red filaments exude crimson saffron color making your food delicious. Additionally, high-quality super Negin saffron has some features that guarantee its original saffron. These filaments have a warm, rosy aroma with a bitter taste that comes from its chemical existence of Picrocrocin.

Saffron is from the Crocus sativus flower family. Each saffron bulb gives 4 flowers of saffron that contain 3 red dark stigmas. To have a deep flavor, some people stew saffron overnight. Saffron measurement is in grams, counting filaments or “pinches”. One pinch equals 20 threads in a medium size. You can gently grind the saffron threads with a pounder before consuming them.

No harvesting machine used

No machine can do delicate work to harvest these fragile threads. It may take 40 hours for the labor to produce 1 kilogram of saffron. Growing the plant, the way you look after and the climate is so important. To maintain the quality of saffron threads they should pluck saffron in the early morning. Harvesting will go on for about a month and then It’s all over until the next year. The sunlight can break the saffron chemical structure and lower the quality. Persia yearly produces 360 tons of dried saffron.

Super Negin Saffron benefits

Super Negin saffron benefits help your body to stay healthy. If you add saffron to your regular daily food, you would barely see its medicinal properties boosting your body. Saffron extra super Negin Afghanistan consoles anxiety and stress and improves your mood. Active compounds existing in saffron threads have effects on your endocrine system that can raise the release of hormones keeping us delighted and healthy.

Some studies prove that saffron is a natural antidepressant and protects your body from cancer. Antioxidants in saffron can offset harmful free radicals. This precious spice contains thiamin and riboflavin and that improves your heart health.

All red SuperNegin saffron specification

The saffron threads start thin and have a trumpet shape at the top. You can easily distinguish fake saffron from the original one. Here we offer some tricks:

  • Take a pinch of saffron
  • put it in a glass and add 1 centimeter of crushed ice
  • wait for a couple of minutes for the ice to melt.
  • If the saffron is real, you will see a deep red color in your glass and you would feel the scent.
  • The liquid should be clear with no residues left.

Saffron has an earthy sweet aroma that is strong and sometimes you don’t need to open the package. In the shops, the filaments’ package is thin so that super Negin saffron benefits are kept within the can. Be careful not to get ripped off with safflower that is completely different from the saffron flower. High-quality saffron is the best saffron in food use.

ALL Kind of Kashmir super Negin saffron

Kashmir super Negin saffron color symbolizes the image of Hinduism. Saffron is warm and is the color of fire. This golden yellow color in the Indian national flag represents courage and sacrifice. Our Kashmiri saffron is 100% pure and each thread is long. Kashmiri saffron is grown up in the red soil that is naturally fertilized for Saffron growth. Persian saffron cultivation has a history of many years in Persia. According to the climate condition, saffron requires less water. Farmers harvest saffron for years after doing one cultivation of saffron. Saffron is a semi-tropical plant and grows in regions that have normal cold winters and dry and warmer summers.

Separating process

The separating process of all red super Negin saffron needs many delicacies, therefore, the staff should be patient. Staff separating saffron filaments, hold the saffron flower in one hand and cut out the saffron petals, and separate useful filaments and yellow stamens. There is another staff for cleaning saffron from extra items such as flowers and leaves and other leftovers. To make saffron uniformity in amount and measurement, it is vital to separate little filaments. Then the clean and dry saffron should be kept in a dark, cool place away from sunlight till the packaging time. That’s how we make high-quality super Negin saffron. Persia is the biggest producer of saffron producing 300 tons of saffron a year.

Bulbs’ growth extra information

Bulbs will grow in a month or 45 days after planting. After almost 40 days, big bulbs will have flowers but small bulbs just grow in foliage. The Saffron flower would attract many bumblebees during its growth. Saffron bulbs multiple in the soil and produce other bulbs around it. The planting depth for saffron corms varies between 3-12 inches. The best yield gain happens when bulbs are planted at a depth of 6-8 inches. Big corms planted in the well-drained soil. lead to Kashmiri super Negin saffron and Afghanistan super Negin saffron that are high-quality saffron products.

Saffron is a one-day last flower, so due to obtaining all red saffron, farmers harvest them immediately when it’s time. Normally, one bulb produces 4 or 5 flowers but big bulbs can produce 6 or 7 bulbs. The flowering period lasts for 10 days but usually, 70 percent of the production is harvested during the first 5 days.

How to dry Saffron?

Saffron drying is one of the most important parts of saffron production. Saffron stigmas lose 20 percent of their primary weight after they are dried and ready to consume. In the traditional drying process, the staff place stigmas on wooden boards and let them dry out of the direct sunlight or near a fireplace during the night. Nowadays, we use many other methods to dry saffron without losing its quality.

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