Persian negin saffron is internationally popular and undoubtedly the best kind of saffron ever. Buying negin Saffron Online and other Saffron types has made a remarkable evolution during the last decade. Nowadays, organic products have their popularity among people. the global market welcomes such products more and more. Persia owns 90 percent of the world’s saffron production.

Buy Negin Saffron Online

Negin saffron company is one of the principal companies in Persia. Red gold is the name given to this exquisite spice. Buying negin saffron beside it’s price is increasing in demand. From the past up to now, saffron is known as a luxurious spice. some old depict figures show people plucking saffron. Saffron stigmas are taken from a pretty flower named Crocus sativus. This spice has numerous utilities and also plays an important role in our country’s economy.

Original Negin Saffron benefits

Original Negin saffron benefits lead consumers to have this product in their food baskets. In Persia, saffron is used for dying carpets and rugs’ yarns. Saffron spice exists in many food recipes all around the world. cosmetic applications benefit bioactive components of the saffron. Ultraviolet rays are harmful to our skin, saffron could protect our skin from bad rays of the sunlight.

In addition, it can prevent skin cancer because of its antioxidant features and increases the bloodstream through face skin. The compounds existing in Saffron reduce the melanin and eliminate spots on the skin by stopping tyrosinase activity. The graceful aroma released by this plant comes from its safranal component which covers feminine and masculine perfumes.

Persian negin saffron price and quality

Persian saffron price and grades defers in different types. Persian Negin saffron is the richest kind of saffron in coloring potential and volume compared to other types. Negin’s type coloring power is about 250 USP or even higher. The other type is Sargol saffron that is all red. This kind of saffron is pure and has a high power of coloring (240 USP or more). The third type is Poushal that its filaments are longer including 1 to 3 mm style. Poushal coloring power is about 220 USP.

Another type provided by Kashmir saffron flower and Negin saffron company is the Bunch form that consists of about 25%-30% Poushal and 70%-75% of all-red stigmas. The last one is style type (Konj in Farsi), this type includes strands that are yellow or white saffron parts. Konj parts are departed from red filaments and they only have application use.

Persian negin saffron price is also a bit higher due to its quality. original negin saffron is also tricky to find. having production base in iran, Exportext Company deliver orginal persian sargon saffron worldwide.

Persian saffron grades from 1 to 4

Persian saffron grades depend on a glycoside; picrocrocin (the flavor factor) and safranal and a type of carotenoids; crocin (the color). The elements altogether elucidate the quality and grade of the saffron you buy.

  • the grade 1: threads with all red parts (Sargol saffron).
  • Grade 2: red filaments ending to yellow or white parts.
  • Grade 3: red fibers plus a bit more of the white or yellow part.
  • Grade 4: containing all the strands with no cuts.

Saffron powder could be adultered with color additives and turmeric. Only reliable and registered companies offer the best saffron with high quality. The Exportex company helps you find the original saffron.

Red Negin saffron quality

Red Negin saffron contains a high amount of the components in the following:

  1. a chemical compound (crocin).
  2. Safranal, a major compound causing saffron aroma, a way of its smelling.
  3. Picrocrocin, the cause of saffron bitterness taste.

These 3 elements affect Persian saffron grades and its quality. The nature of saffron is hot and dry. The standard use of saffron brings joy and is suitable for health and strengthens the heart.

From in traditional medicine point of view, saffron prevents arteries and helps medicine affect better in our body. 2 gr daily use of saffron helps cleanse the spleen. It reduces uterus pain and using it with honey, helps the excretion of kidney stones. Smelling saffron aroma is relaxing and remedial for inflammation existing in the chest zone. The application of saffron can remove and fade dark circles under the eyes.

Negin saffron group flowers

Negin saffron flowers and Pakistan saffron production produce high-quality saffron filaments. Saffron is a little size plant in the height of 15 to 30 cm. The saffron flower grows from inside of the saffron bulbs and is accompanied by thin leaves from the outer side. Among the leaves, the saffron flower grows towards the outside ending with 5 petals. The petals of saffron could be light lilac, dark purple, or even white. Saffron flower has 3 yellow flags and an ovule ending to red trident stigmas.

The useful part of the saffron is the ovule and its three red stigmas that grow outwards the stem. These useful parts are also offered by Kashmir saffron flower and Pakistan saffron production as well.

benefits of online shopping Negin saffron

Negin saffron benefits people ordering online. Nowadays, people prefer to buy products online and easily order what they want. Also, looking for a reliable online shop is one of the important issues customers concern about. You can order red Negin saffron on our website at a reasonable price and never regret purchasing it. By ordering and supporting us in the Saffron trade, you’re facilitating the staff to develop farming and help the earth breathe, indeed.

Negin saffron benefits have been used in therapeutics for many years. Our company appreciates its consumers by offering the best quality saffron in the world.

which Negin saffron factory?

Negin saffron factory providers accompany customers with the high standard of saffron ever. Our staff is available to reply to customers’ any offered ideas or questions about our products. All the process of producing saffron is under control and it also meets the international standards. Our company guarantees the saffron quality and gives customers good services.

The taste and aroma of saffron stimulate your feelings and inspires you. In the past, people threw saffron flowers to appreciate their King. Different famous saffron brands in the world have their special aroma and flavor. Experience the best feeling Persian saffron gives. Each 4.6 gr of this delicate spice equals 1 mesqal and a bit of its amount is enough to make your meal a delicious and healthy food.

Kashmir saffron flower

Kashmir saffron flower spread a pleasant fragrance in the air. There is a small village that its name is Pampore, the saffron capital of India. It’s close to the capital of the northern state of Kashmir and Jammu. Many families work on farms plucking saffron and separate its stigma and style. It is a controversial question that whether Persia brought saffron spice to India for the first time or not. It is believed that, from the 13th century onwards, when Persia’s territory was expanded, Persians brought it to India. Persian saffron grades could be equal to the gold value. It takes 150,000 flowers to gather 1 kg of red Negin saffron. Saffron should be in containers made of metal, wood, or glass away from the light, moisture in a cool place.

Negin saffron advice

Negin saffron plant luminous stigmas are popular around the world. We are so proud of producing the best quality saffron and export the premium saffron to other countries. At least a 4 gram of saffron is a must for every kitchen. However, some people may think that it is not beneficial to buy saffron, but it worth it. Saffron could be mixed with tea or coffee or milk to enhance the taste and have a healthy effect on the body.

In history, is said that in the past the one who made fake saffron was ordered to be killed by the king. Saffron color has been used in royal vestures in many cultures. Roman and Greek halls, theatres, courts, and baths used saffron as an aromatic element to indue the freshness and royalty.

Pakistan saffron production

Pakistan saffron production and Kashmir saffron flower produce saffron at a low price and export high volumes of saffron. Negin saffron company and the companies mentioned above sanitize their products before shipping them, for instance, they place fumigation tablets in warehouses. One of the important things about saffron is its systematic way of plant, because this worthy spice may lose its properties.

The best landform for saffron planting is a mixture of soil and sand and its ph should be between 7 to 7.5. Saffron bulb should have an accurate quality. It is necessary to fumigate saffron bulbs before planting them and their planting should occur at a definite time and season of the year. The depth of bulbs planting in cold regions is 15-20 cm and in mild regions is something around 10 to 15 cm.

Negin Saffron Some cultivation points

Here are some other points these companies care about. Irrigation is one of the special points that we should consider to have qualified crops. During saffron cultivation, farmers omit weeds because they can finish resources that exist in the soil and prevent the saffron plant from using it. Try to prevent weeds during the summer plant sleep.

The farmland should be under control without any pests. Saffron flowers bloom for 20 to 30 days, during this time, farmers proceed with the act of plucking saffron flowers. We are proud that we have the most successful companies producing the best saffron in the world.

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