Online Persian carpet store; As fame of Persian carpets exceeds their quality subject, there is no need for more advertise. Persian carpets were famous of there quality and beauty. if you plan to buy carpet online, we provide you best quality carpets and rugs from Iran,Afghanistan and turkey.

Online Persian carpet store

Exportex Company provide you with best quality Persian carpets and Rugs and deliver them where ever you are. Our online carpet store services include both carpets and rugs in any size and any design. Our collection of Persian carpet designs are suitable for any taste.

Best carpet brands and orginal carpets quality

node density of carpet is an important quality criterion. warranty of quality and high node density is our main goal so before you buy our carpets online, you can be sure of its knotty density. In addition as you may know, the overall appearance of the knot work (knotty density) as well as the harmony of the colors ,design variety and the pattern, the age and the degree of preservation determine the value of a original and high quality carpet.

buy Portrait and Pictorial carpets online with quality-assurance

If you want to buy carpets online and Pictorial carpets are you favorite, you can buy our Portrait or Pictorial Persian carpets. we guarantee all of our Tableau rugs carpets and Wall to wall Carpets that you purchase. Our Persian handmade carpets and rugs are genuine hand-knotted carpet with use of high-quality materials (silk carpets and wool carpets).

Variety of Carpet’s Designs, Modern and traditional

We provide a wide range of traditional and Modern Carpet Design Patterns in our online carpet store with reasonable carpet price. Our Carpets Design Patterns include portraits, animals, city view, naturalism and miniature designs in both classical and modernity vision.
As you can explore our online carpet store, you will find variety of design in both classic and modern designs.
all of our carpets and rugs designed and handmade by abstract designs and a playful approach to geometric figures and standard scheme.
We carry assortment from the following regions that are famous for their carpets:
Heris, Isfahan, Kashan, Kashmir, Kerman, Malayer,
Mashhad, Nain, Tabriz, Tehran, Waramin, Yazd.
so it’s not advertising. Our rugs and Carpets quality and use of fine silk and wool, Speak for themselves!

Originality and quality are one of the reasons people care about, when buying carpet online. Our price of Persian carpets and rugs price, can also play a important role in your decision.

buy Carpet Online: Turkish carpets, Pakistan Carpets and Afghanistan Carpets and rugs

Beside Persian rugs and Carpets, Turkish, Pakistan and Afghanistan Carpets are also very popular. Exportex Co has long range of Carpets and rugs assortment. All of our carpets and rugs from any origin are genuine and handwoven carpets.

Providing Carpets from origin country, price of Turkish carpets and Pakistan, Afghanistan or Persians are most suitable carpet price in market. Based on your taste, you can choose from wool and silk carpets and rugs in our online carpet shop.

Our originality, quality, carpets and rugs price and worldwide delivery, make us best online carpet store.

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